Bitgert AMA | 9th July 2022

Gert: Let’s have a quick ama! Ask your questions

Question: how to unstake.?? my coin unstake date today…
Answer: Make sure it’s DD/MM/YYYY

Question: You closing the chat ?
Answer: No

Question: auto unstake or manual?
Answer: You have to manually unstake if the staking period is over

Question: When more tier 1 listings, are we waiting for bull run?
Answer: Multiple Tier-1 exchange listing discussions are in process.

Question: Hi …what is expected price of brise in 2024
Answer: If BTC sets a new ATH, the price from here might do easy 20x, but if BTC does 2-3x from current ath, then Brise has chances to hit 100x.

Question: @gertsanem , do you plan to build a second blockchain with specifics tools to have a good look and quality more than the actual?
Answer: No, We focus on improving and scaling the current one.

Question: When is the mass adoption on BRC20?
Answer: The process has started, just fyi our chain stable crypto USDT and USDC are recognised by Coinmarketcap

Question: Thanks for the work already done. Are there any tier-2 listings coming before the fall season?
Answer: We’re more into TIER-1 exchanges, TIER-2 are good in the beginning.

Question: Bonjour @gertsanem. can our $Brise bought at the beginning on kucoin in BEP20 be exchanged in BRC20 for free on this platform? will Kucoin offer $Brise in BRC20.
Answer: Yes, you can withdraw your BEP20 BRISE to a metamask wallet, and then use our official bridge to swap.

Question: Hope Bitgert listed in Binance very soon
Answer: It has to be 👀

Question: @gertsanem, when other altcoins in the blockchain?
Answer: The bridge smart contracts development are under process, very soon we will launch the beta version for the top 5 altcoins.

Question: Any plans for binance Listing. And officially listing the Blockchain on CMC and CG? Really love the project.
Answer: I’ve already answered above for “when binance”, our chain is already integrated on CMC and CG, you can take a look at these two projects below

Question: what will be the tier 1 where Brise will be listed?
Answer: You can find the answer to this above.

Question: @gertsanem pls help us understand plans for developer grants for building exosystem as it is in roadmap for this month end
Answer: You can read the details about grants here:

Question: @gertsanem Sir launchpad in brise wallet has been inactive since long.. is there any plan to start the launchpad in wallet?
Answer: Yes, we will be adding the upcoming startup studio projects in the launchpad page

Question: Hello Gert sir. Hope you enjoying the life. I want to know how brise is profitable for you and your team because the fee is almost zero. So from where you guys get funds for company? And one more thing about nodes. How many validators we have so far ?
Answer: We have 16 validators atm, we mainly focus on building value.

Question: Is it not risky sir ? Because the lower the number of validators , the higher the risk of an attack on blockchain. If i am not wrong.
Answer: No it’s not, Just like BSC has 21 validators, validators on our chain are limited and no external validator can connect

Question: @gertsanem Sir Brise was super duper fast in delivering product in its first year.. will it be the same this year?
Answer: It’s gonna be much faster than it was in the past year, because the experience we have gained so far is worth multi-billions.

Question: Hi Gert ! Is there any reason why people are saying that still has problems with android wallet after the updates? I don’t have android anymore but when I had, I remember I wasn’t able to use it.
Answer: Some people lost their seed phrase, and they couldn’t recover their wallet, that’s the case.

Question: My brother have it but just had to imported to metamask, he told me that couldnt log in and it didnt load
Answer: after the bitgert chain integration on the new version of wallet, google playstore reset their data which caused this issue.

Question: What is the update on the centralized exchange of Bitgert? At what stage the development is at? And when is the web CEX of Bitgert expected to go full fledge running.
Answer: The development is still under process, we keep improving the exchange, we do not want to launch a buggy exchange which might cost lots of money for it’s user if something goes wrong.

Question: @gertsanem There’s any plans to stop or maybe low the contract sells in the future? They really stop momentum. Also, the 2% fee for bridging stables is huge, any chance to make it lower?
Answer: There’s no need to change any contract tax fee on bsc, because that’s what pays the stakers, 2% for bridging is normal because the gas fee on eth cost us $30 per tx and $3 on bsc.

Question: We all know that your from japan, and we have project called $TOKYO. My question is, have you eaten your dinner already?
Answer: No, because i have my dinner around 11PM

Question: @gertsanem can you add Max button in the bridge to swap?
Answer: max button throws error when the on-chain data doesn’t match with decimals.

Question: Boss, you have added some EXCELLENT projects to the Bitgert chain,should we expect more projects like them??Some of them are revolutionary and with huge potentional
Answer: Sure, expect some more good projects soon, but in bull market there will be many.

Question: A rumor says, that you are Satoshi Nakamoto. And that the Bitgert project corrects all bitcoin errors. Is it true?
Answer: No I’m not, Satoshi was a genius.

Question: U r also genius sir
Answer: Thank you, i don’t like to praise myself haha

Question: @gertsanem Are we gonna use bitgert swap for pre sale of all startup studio projects in near future
Answer: Yes

Question: iOS wallet any update?
Answer: Not yet, because apple has some issues with our build package files, so we are re-working on it, We are focusing more on adding our chain on more wallets Bitkeep shall integrate our chain in next 40days

Question: Dear Gert, when will the marketing start on all the big crypto related websites and newspapers?
Answer: It never stopped, you will find 10-20+ videos every day about bitgert on Youtube and dozens of TG groups discussing about us.

Question: seems like you have many tangible products but why very few speak about Bitgert? Is that we have low awareness? And so far we have only 10-12 exchanges with many good products ? so do we lack marketing?
Answer: 155k (REAL) holders in a year is not low, our project adds more than 1000 holders every day in bull market, even though in bear market we have 300-400 new holders, there’s no lack of marketing and exchange count doesn’t matter, quality matters. We’re listed on kucoin and,
while many failed to reach there.

Question: Another question Gert. After a lot of adoption, when BRISE is worth billions, the only way to bridge our tokens from BSC to BRC will be through website ? It cant colapse due to huge demand ?
Answer: No, we have some projects coming soon to offer bridge service.

Question: How was your day ?
Answer: Good and lovely as usual! 😇

Question: Ledger HW support soon?
Answer: That depends on Ledger

Question: Can ice cream swap exchange be embedded in the website and community?
Answer: Yes it will be added to our ecosystem page

Question: @gertsanem are you in contact with large investors?
Answer: From the Day 1, i never needed to beg investors, because i believe in my skills, hard work and of course the almighty, everything falls in part at right time.

Question: The Dev has to do the work from my reading of the ledger site regarding getting chains onto ledger.
Answer: Will pass this information to our team.

Question: Hi gert I have seen Evo and cencex has partnership in dex does brise team has anything to do with?
Answer: Evo is a project backed by Bitgert

Question: You think that top wallets can ruin the day one day ? @gertsanem
Answer: No, even a wallet holding 10% of tokens cannot harm the marketcap more than 30%.

Question: And what happen to investment poll from previous regarding liquidity from omnia
Answer: The liquidity (86.4B BRISE) is still with us, there will be an announcement for this very soon.

Question: @gertsanem we miss you sir. Btw, based on technical analyst, the market is predicted to be 18 months bearish and we are currently in our 8 months of bearish. Do you beleiev in 10 months we will recover in the market?
Answer: The market shall recover sooner than anyone could expect.

Question: @gertsanem please add some dapps in our wallet that belong in our ecosystem.
Answer: Yes we will be adding them soon.

Question: We have heard in news that due to USA big recession is coming. Will that impact bitgert??
Answer: Whatever you hear in the media, happens opposite.

Question: @gertsanem This bear market lasts for some time most of the startup studio projects has less liquidity what if they can’t have funds will brise support in hard times?
Answer: Bear market only affects the token/coin which is saturated, doesn’t affect much to the new projects.

Question: Mr. @gertsanem and team, I wish you a long life and always be healthy 😇
Answer: Thank you

It was a great session today, It was so nice to have a discussion with you all. have a great day/eve!

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