How to Bridge Brise on Phone and receive it Instantly

Skip to step 1 if your token is in Metamask already

Step 1: Import Trust Wallet to Metamask and Import Brise

Assuming you’ve bought BSC(BEP) Brise, import your trust wallet to Metamask using the recovery phrase (you must not have an active wallet in Metamask). Now click add network then type in the BSC network details as seen below and click Save.

Now import your Brise using the contract address and add Brise chain by clicking the bottom page of or then search for Brise or manually with the below details.

Step 2: Bridge Brise from BEP20 to BRC

Follow these steps to bridge Brise:

  1. Using a Brave (preferred), Chrome or Yandex browser; clear cache then enter
  2. Click Connect Wallet and choose Metamask (MM).
  3. Now select desktop mode (this will leave MM still connected).
  4. Type in an amount in whole numbers.
  5. Then Bridge.
  6. An approval window pops up with a fee of about (0.003bnb). Approve the fee.
  7. Wait for the success message. Your bridged Brise should be in your wallet almost immediately.
  8. If you receive an error message after fee approval or transaction still loading in the browser or the delay of token to wallet; then go to transaction history and check if successful. If transaction wasn’t successful, click the retry button.

For delay after 2hrs contact support on website.

Have a minimum of $3 in BNB. After bridging, head over to to buy any BRC20 token. Happy bridging!


You can also buy on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) with USDT from Bibox, Bitforex, Bitmart, or gate and send it to your MM or Coinhub, or Sphynx wallet for a little fee if you prefer a quick buy. They all have BRC integrated but Bibox has got the cheapest withdrawal fee yet of 800,000 Brise as at time of publication.

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