Bitgert AMA | 13th Aug 2022

Gert: Let’s have a quick chat! Who’s up, Raise your ✋

Gert: What’s up homies!

Question: When are you planning to list in CEX tier 1?
Answer: We are already listed on Gate and Kucoin, TIER-1 hardly has 6-8 exchanges, so another TIER-1 is on its way…

Question: Is this month possible?
Answer: There won’t be any advance announcements or hints, we sign NDAs, so it’s not possible to disclose until it’s official.

Question: Wen hire devs?
Answer: For what?

Question: Do you believe that we can reach a billion market cap in a few months?
Answer: I don’t need to believe/assume when I know what’s coming.

Question: @gertsanem have you thought of any strategic partnership with sports/media/gaming industries? Brise product is great, it just lacks visibility
Answer: No, but we’re working on a marketing strategic plan, execution shall start very soon.

Question: Hey Gert, according to the roadmap for July, he said he wants to list tier 1 … is there any change until it has not been realized
Stage – 05 – Ongoing
April – July 2022
Ecosystem Scaling
Centralized Exchange MainNet Launch (Web)
Paybrise DApp UI Design
Paybrise Core Files Development
TIER-1 Exchange Listings
Developer Grants For Building Dapps On Our Ecosystem
Answer: We did that before July because we had promised one tier-1 but listed on 2 tier-1 exchanges already

Question: Why can’t I use BNB to buy Brise brc20?
Answer: We haven’t paired BNB with BRISE on our chain yet, once it’s done we will announce.

Question: @gertsanem there are some really good projects outside startup studio, that are bringing awareness to Brise and also performing really good price/development wise. Have you thought on supporting them somehow?
Answer: We do support every project in startup studio.

Question: Yeah, was talking about independent/sphynx-backed projects. They’re performing really well and collaborating to Brise mass adoption. I think that would be wise to show them some endorsement.
Answer: Anything outside the startup studio isn’t under our control, so we don’t know what’s up with those projects.

Question: Agreed, I didn’t mean to “control” them, just recognize their potential and show some more friendly approach to them, as this will attract more developers and communities willing to bridge their projects into BRC
Answer: There are hundreds of unknown projects out there, we never know what’s their intentions, so there won’t be any official support from Bitgert towards them.

Question: What do you think about Metaverse City Tokyo project?
Answer: A good project with a good team.

Question: Hi Gert. I didn’t sell at the last ATH. That time value at around 14K. I m still holding. I believe Brise can and will be in the top 10 MC Brise to 1 Million Holders. My friend calls me stupid. Ha ha Ok, Gert…?
Answer: It’s your choice, and it’s up to you on how much money you want to make, Bitgert is here to stay as long as crypto exists

Question: It’s a very good idea to have a live chat feature on the website, it clears the doubts for me to invest in Bitgert. Keep up the good work! I believe in you❤️ Looking forward to something great from your projects!!
Answer: Our customer support team is working 24/7 on live chat

Question: Hi Sanem how are u? Do you have an opinion about the market? When will the market rise?
Answer: We can expect a bull run in the next 45 days, Hopefully.

Question: After the Ethereum Merge?
Answer: The market performance has nothing to do with the ethereum merge

Question: Is CENCEX the future CEX of Bitgert? or the Bitgert team is working on a new CEX project?
Answer: Centcex develops products for Bitgert chain

Question: When do you think we will start to see a reflection in the price with things that are being announced etc? Could do with a little moral boost!
Answer: It’s a process, price doesn’t drop itself, price drop when the people who made profits take exit because everyone here is after money, it’s a cycle, hundreds of investors come in, and dozens of them leave because they’re happy with the gains.

Question: Any development on the Bitgert exchange @gert saner
Answer: Please check the beta testing group

Question: When demo vidéo of Paybrise.., Today?
Answer: Wait for the official announcements

Question: @gertsanem realistically what price is your aim
Answer: Sky is the limit, Crypto market is as big as the gold market.

Question: Btc losing dominance can we capitalize on it?
Answer: No, let’s be realistic. BNB and ETH are backed by BTC, and we backed by BNB

Question:  Please DEV, 3 other Tier 1 exchanges or one?
Answer: Wait for the announcements

Gert: Session ended!
Hope you all enjoyed this session and have got your answers
See you all again in the next session very soon…

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