Bitgert AMA | 19th Aug 2022

Gert: What’s up homies!

Question: Any Binance update?
Answer: it’s been answered already, under process…

Question: When the moon
Answer: After the sun

Question: @gertsanem node upgradation is completed? Or under process?
Answer: Yes, it’s completed and now we’re much more focused on lots of good things

Question: Any plan to make the start-up studio project a strong boss?
Answer: We had put a hold on upcoming startup projects because there was an ongoing upgrade on our chain

Question: how can we assert ourselves against the big projects with our payment system at Amazon, Walmart, etc? We are still very small.
Answer: Big companies have a big brain, they never want to lose an opportunity, doesn’t matter how big/small it is, and 300m market capital isn’t small money, maybe it’s small for billionaires like you

Question: Is the Amazon integration with payments happening at some point?
Answer: There are multiple online portals that will integrate Paybrise

Question: Paybrise only with Brise? Or Other Tokens on the brc Chain Like sphynx or bnb?
Answer: Paybrise is mainly developed for BRISE

Question: @gertsanem are you planning to add ads on brcscan?
Answer: No, we don’t need free money.

Question: What’s this Defillama..??
Answer: Defilama is an analytics dashboard, where most of the big chains are integrated, that’s the tool used by big investors to judge the project

Question: @gertsanem what is your prediction on the current market situation?
Answer: Dip is temporary, Green dildos are permanent.

Question: Can Bigert move like ( $.h.i.b.a ) to make huge profit because ( $.h.i.b.a) gives 1479045% in 1 year its possible to cross ( $.h.i.b.a) price @gertsanem this is my question
Answer: You can answer this question yourself by comparing both with each other.

Question: Hows is the marketing campaign plan going? Love all the activity on Twitter these days
Answer: Just perfect…

Question: Sir, also regarding the Decentralised marketplace e-commerce collaboration..what is the anticipation of revenue generation for 2023..any analysis made on it
Answer: We will disclose the information about the marketplace after we complete the development of Paybrise

Question: @gertsanem when do you expect Paybrise will be live and operational?
Answer: Beta version shall be released in September

Question: Hi Gert, hope you’re doing well! Just one question: are you already in contact with the team of Amazon and Walmart for PayBrise? Just curious thanks
Answer: We cannot disclose any information until it’s officially announced by the companies.

Question: That’s an amazing boss. Do you think this is something that can happen this year?
Answer: Just wait for the announcements

Question: @gertsanem how is the exchange development going on? And when can we expect the web Mainnet
Answer: Development has been completed, but unfortunately there are issues and bugs coming out from nowhere we’re working on it and should be made the Mainnet version live soon

Question: Have you heard of Fibswap??? Fibswap is a decentralized cross-chain exchange. Could you add the chain BRC there?
Answer: We’re open to opportunities, you can drop a mail at if you’re from the Fibswap team.

Question: Gert what is your net wealth
Answer: I don’t remember

Question: @gertsanem hello sir hope you are well. Will Brise enter the metaverse and gaming industry?
Answer: it has already entered, take a look at the startup studio projects

Question: thanks..have a silly many hours a day do u work big boss…
Answer: 18hr

Question: Hello can dm you?
Answer: Please don’t if you’re a Shiller, community manager, or listing agent.

Question: Just open dm
Answer: Sorry not interested in TIER-3 exchange listing.

Question: I heard that the dev team from India itself, is that true?
Answer: We have a team working globally, we hire devs across the world.

Question: Do any plans for marketing in the Dubai crypto expo which is in the month of October..too much of the exposure n adoption happening in Dubai wrt blockchain
Answer: Yes, we can look into it

Question: What about current market conditions in August and September?

Question: how many projects do you want to take for partnership sir?
Answer: there isn’t any limit for that.

Question: Any updates on Trust Wallet chain integration?
Answer: Under process, Trustwallet want us to buy their TWT for huge fees, which makes no sense, we’re integrating our chain on more wallets

It was nice talking to you all!! See you all again soon in the next session.

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