Pupazzi Punk AMA | 22nd Aug 2022

🎤 GUEST: Pupazzipunk (Founder/CEO @StevePersonail)

🎤 Host: David G (@gdrizzy13)

— Segment 1: Host Questions
— Segment 2: Community Questions

David G: Hello there @StevePersonail and welcome to BriseSage. Glad to have you here.
Steve: Thank You!

David G: How are you keeping?
Steve: Very well thank you! I have a lot of news that I can’t wait to give you!

David G: To kick off this AMA, Kindly introduce yourself to the community.
Steve: My name is Steve and I am the creator and now the lead developer of Pupazzi Punk Brise Of Sun.I am Italian, I am 27 years old and in life I am a programmer and developer of videogames and AI

Segment 1 Begins…

David G: Briefly describe Pupazzi and what was the reason behind the development and what inspired the name (PUPAZZIPUNK)?
Steve: Punk Puppets Brise Of Sun is a third-person shooter game currently zombie survival.
To access, the user must make or purchase (the short purchase on Young Parrot) at least one of our NFTs.
The game is currently very simple.
The user enters, finds himself in an apocalyptic city and must kill as many zombies as possible.
The more zombies you kill the more points you earn, the points are converted into PPS tokens (our main token) and you can choose whether to claim the tokens you have earned or burn them from the total supply. The score increases if the player holds more NFT Agent Of Brise.
Currently to get the maximum bonus you need to hold 10.
This game is only a working demo but with instant claims at the end of the game.
We have also created an android minigame with instant claims at the end of the game waiting for the real game that will be released in 6/7 months. The full game will not only be zombie survival but a series of modes (even multiplayer) we are creating the whole architecture but the game will be very similar to PUBG. Sorry I have omitted a detail. The name of the project was born from a dear friend of mine who jokingly told me call it that is funny and hideous at the same time 😅

David G: Have you had any experience in project/game development? And is this your first owned/developed project?
Steve: I have been part of other non-based projects in the Crypto world.
This is my first Crypto Videogame project.
I have an experience in the world of Crypto and Videogames for the past

David G: There are quite a lot of blockchains out there. So why Bitgert and why choose metaverse?
Steve: Initially, the project was born for BSC and Matic, but unfortunately, these two blockchains are saturated with SCAM and unfortunately even the healthiest and most ambitious projects fail to grow.
I looked for a new blockchain, with a solid community capable of recognizing a healthy project from a scam.
Having said that I came across Bitgert.
I talked to Gert and the Bitgert team and was able to join their Bitgert Studio program.
This helped me a lot in promoting my project.
It was difficult but healthy at the same time.
Thanks to this solid community I was able to find the time to explain the project, promote it and demonstrate that it is a healthy and growing project. It manages to give security and reliability thanks to its startup program.
Something I’ve never seen done in other blockchains. This is why I think that bitgert is and will be even more the future of blockchains.
Thanks to the solid team that works day and night. I chose the metaverse because it has always fascinated me and I said to myself I want to create my world, build a solid community and give people the opportunity to play, have fun and earn something more over time.
As in any project, you need to be patient and always believe in it.
I’m sure the Bitgert community fully understands this.
As soon as we have a demo or new developments ready we are always happy to put them into production and let people test them. I combined my passion for the crypto world and my work. Couldn’t have done better, to be honest.

David G: Can you elaborate on the tokenomics and the team behind Pupazzipunk
Steve: Token Allocation

Total Supply : PPS

  • 12.5% Public Presale (For launchpad, Vesting plan: Monthly 10% Release)
  • 12.5% Liquidity (Which will be added to DEX with 70% of BRISE raised in presale)
  • 15% Developments & Marketing
  • 15% Team/Advisors/Partners

-30% Reward ( 0.5% Quaterly for 1 year total 2% ) after 1st year ( 28% vested at 10%{10% from 28% ) quarterly) Strictly to be used in reward contract.

  • 15% Burn (Automated vesting 5% per month)


  • 0 Tax Buy
  • 0 Tax Sell
  • 0 Tax Liquidity

The team from next month will consist of 7 developers who will give their all to reach the goal of completing the game in 7 months.
The total cost of the game is 15K $ which is big stuff.
We need to create a solid architecture and think that in the future many people can play with it. I take care of both the management of the twitter account, the website and to this day still the development of the game.
The development in the coming months will be given to the developers, I will take care of creating new minigames pending the completion of the game.

David G: Seeing you had a successful presale and launch, was there any difficulty achieving the hard-cap? Also what are the challenges you’ve faced since project development and how did you scale through?
Steve: It was very difficult to get to soft cap because unfortunately, we competed with our partner who had already worked 3D City before us, he is also doing an exceptional job and this has led to dividing the interests of investors.
Unfortunately, few people like the vesting plan, so even that hindered everything a bit, but we did it.
There is always difficulty in development.
Something always works on the first try, something doesn’t and this involves a big waste of time.
But the people behind it are IT engineers so from now on we hope that everything speeds up! The initial difficulties were overcome thanks to patience, dedication, and experience in the field.

David G: What is the role of the NFTs in the Game, are there any requirements to play the game and how soon should we expect a launch?
Steve: NFTs are the main component as they are access to the game.
Let’s say it’s the standard character to log in.
In the full game you will be able to buy new characters directly in the game that will have particular passive income, it will be possible to level up, prestige every month, climb the rankings to earn even more PPS tokens.
It will also be possible to purchase additional weapons and bonuses in BRISE or PPS
all progress will be saved in a user account, in fact the user will have to register with a username, password and email account in order to play
As anticipated, we expect a solid launch in 7 months

David G: Seeing Pupazzi isn’t the only game on the network. What are the striking features of Pupazzi punk that will make it stand out from others and call to a gamer?
Steve: As follows:

  • Ability to buy new skins of characters with the earnings in the game (PPS Token and through the purchase on Sphynx) or use Brise the characters in addition to the aesthetic level offer monthly passive income.
  • Play and prestige COD style to get more PPS Tokens based on prestige.
  • Play and climb the rankings, there will be weekly and Total rankings, the best in the total rankings have super bonuses, the weekly rankings are meant to keep track of the challenges we are already doing and will be reset weekly.
    Prestige will be reset monthly to incentivize users to play
  • The possibility to buy Weapons and ammunition (PPS or Brise)
  • Buy more health in zombie survival
  • Bonus x2 (experience or score in matches)
  • the ability to sell weapons or characters within the game
  • use combat vehicles (we are always planning customizations through an expense of PPS or Brise)
  • possibility to customize the Nickname or modify it
  • possibility to modify weapons (to be defined but should be feasible)
  • Voice Chat or Written in games with members
  • multiplayer games will always be active even in the absence of real players because they will be replaced by bots, when a user logs in, the bot is replaced by the user.
  • Zombie Survival with particular maps inside a house, in a city, in a cemetery for example.
  • We are providing the possibility to add users and create clans (secondary milestone but there will be

David G: Are there any strategies in place to attract non-gamers who aren’t invested in the metaverse?
Steve: We are working on it, but generally, those who do not have an interest in the metaverse invest only with the aim of seeing the project fly and then sell (simple speculation).
We are not a MEME, but if they believe in us every non-player who puts his part helps the project to grow and will certainly benefit from it.

David G: Lastly, I see you’ve partnered with 3dc and YoungParrot. How’s this beneficial to Pupazzi and are there any exciting offers and partnerships we should look out for?
Steve: They are two fabulous partners who have helped us grow from the very beginning. I got to know the founders not only professionally but also in friendship and they are precious people.
The friends of YP have made available to us the possibility to make the mint directly from their platform in fact it is possible to make the mint both on their site and in the game https://app.youngparrotnft.com/launchpads/pupazzi-punk-brise-of-sun
3D city is continuous support to each other of our frustrations in fixing bugs haha
they are great partners and friends.
We hope that in the future we will manage to unite our worlds.
But first, we have to finish ours.
We still need to talk about all this.
At the moment we are strategic partners and good friends.

Segment 2: Questions from the Community begins

Question: First sorry for my English, I saw somewhere (forgot where but this catch my attention), is that right that this NFT can be used in all Pupazzi punk signs? if it is then this gonna be huge, that means one NFT can be used for other games that future proof, the next question is what is in the dev’s mind for the next game that can use this NFT, is there any way this NFT can be used for 3dc and/or young parrot since they are partnered to Pupazzi? Sorry if I asked too much, feel free to answer any of it, thank you

Steve: Great question.
It is right that this NFT can also be used in other future games precisely because we care that people do not spend money on other NFTs. New NFTs will be created only in case of Sold out of the 8000 agent Brise collection.
The NFT must be seen as an access pass for the other games and as a character without a skin in the game we are developing, a bit like a naked character.
As for 3Dcity and Young Parrot I cannot answer you as nothing has been defined yet

End of AMA session, Thanks for going through the AMA questioners.

Pupazzi Punk Socials.

Website: https://www.pupazzipunk.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/pupazzipunkbriseofsun Twitter: https://twitter.com/pupazzi_punk

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