AIBRA AMA | 5th Sep 2022

🎤 GUEST: Raymond(Co-Founder at AIBRA)

🎤 Host: Hamza Ali (@HamzaAli007)

Hamza Ali: Can you please introduce yourself to the community?
Raymond: My name is Raymond, co founder at AIBRA and one of the lead software engineers developing the AIBRA project.

Hamza Ali: We have gone over this a few times in the past but for the sake of our new followers let’s go over this one more time can you Briefly describe AIBRA? And what is the reason/inspiration behind the development, in fact, how did you come up with the idea about Blockchain & AI enabled Recruitment?
Raymond: AIBRA stands for artificial intelligence Blockchain recruitment application.
We wanted to build an AI powered and blockchain based recruitment tool to breach the gap between recruiters and candidates looking for jobs. The idea was to provide players in the recruitment and job industry a more efficient and reliable platform, where users can have digital identities of themselves on the blockchain and be able to tokenize their resume and find jobs. And not just this provide users with alternative ways of earning on the platform.

Hamza Ali: Can you also share some stats like till now how many recruitment agencies/companies and job seekers have enrolled on AIBRA and were successful to provide and get jobs?
Raymond: AIBRA is a new project, as we all know. And so we’ve been able to gather more than 900 users generally, 300 recruiters and more than 10 companies. So far we’ve posted some jobs for Tokyocoin, Lunagens, 3D city, Alpha Trades and others. And we’ll be bombarding you with more jobs soonest.

Hamza Ali: As promised by AIBRA we witnessed the first BURN took place last month. Can you please share the burn information in detail also post burn was there any impact in terms of price and holders count?
Raymond: Yes for the burn, we have 45% locked for automatic 5% burning. And yes their was some impact on the price, burn reduces the circulating supply and this sort of means there is scarcity of the token which in turns means increase in price.

Hamza Ali: We’ve been keeping a close tab on your project as it is a very interesting project with a wealth of utilities, and since launched you’ve been making updates on your app and one of these is the QR code system you’ve recently implemented. Can you please tell us about the QR code and its Application for users of the AIBRA Platform?
Raymond: We noticed users needed a simpler way to share their profiles, accomplishments, work experiences to people. So we thought of creating this Quick Response image that can be downloaded, shared and scanned via mobile devices for others to see. So users can in essence share their resumes from AIBRA to anybody to view in no time.

Hamza Ali: Another recently added feature is the staking on the AIBRA platform a way to help users of the AIBRA platform gain passive incomes. Can you please shed more light on the AIBRA staking? Also, recently the staking percentage was reduced from 25% to 10%. Can you let us know the reason behind that?
Raymond: Yes. We are developing AIBRA. While we are doing that. We wanted our users and holders to be able to make passive income.
For the reduction of the staking percentage, the initial 25% was to attract people to use the platform and get to see what utilities is available for them. We had to bring it down to 10% for us to be able to sustain the staking.

Hamza Ali: AIBRA NFT is one thing that’s been hugely anticipated. And we can see that you’ve been hinting at your NFT collection. Can you tell us what to expect with AIBRA NFTs?
Raymond:The NFT feature on AIBRA is one of the most interesting features we will introduce. This will enable users on our platform hold NFTs that relates to their profession and that also stand to benefit passive income for doing so. A lot more features from the NFT shall be revealed later on.

Hamza Ali: I remember AIBRA promised to give NFTs to Pre-sale holders who invested at least 50 million Brise. Can you please shed some light on this as well?
Raymond: Firstly, we appreciate those who were able to invest up to 50million Brise during the presale. We have a list of those who did and we intend to keep our promise of giving NFTs to them once we launch.

Hamza Ali: Talking about updates on AIBRA. We also see that you’ve announced the addition of the AIBRA company section. Allowing companies to sign up on the AIBRA platform. Can you shed more light on this and how it introduces more utility for the AIBRA token?
Raymond: Yet another important features. Before now, we’ve had 2 categories of users on the platform, recruiters and candidates seeking for jobs. Now we have the company account, this will enable them connect with recruiters and request for candidates. They can also see recruiter ratings and rate them as well. We believe company owners will find it useful to be able to connect with professional recruiters and hire them for their needs.

Hamza Ali: What other features are we to expect on AIBRA soonest?
Raymond: We are happy the community feels we have exceeded their expectations. We intend to keep up. Other features to expect will include the NFT staking, video conferencing, referral system and more to come.

Hamza Ali: It’s been quite a time since we didn’t hear an update on the AIBRA Naming service. Can you please provide some updates on that?
Raymond: Yes. We understand the need for the AIBRA naming service and we definitely have it on our to-do list. We are taking things one step at a time, we intend to have the major features on AIBRA first before having the naming service. As a matter of fact, we have the UI/UX designs already.

Hamza Ali: Where do we see AIBRA in the coming new few months in terms of development & Market Capital? Is there any plan to get listed on the centralized exchange or Coingecko?
Raymond: We’ve seen AIBRA surpassed a market capital of 1million in the past weeks and we believe with more utilities to come we shall be Able to double it. And yes we have plans on getting listed on centralized exchanges and have reached out to coingecko, awaiting their response to get started.

Hamza Ali: With this we came to end of the session. Thank you to have a wonderful AMA with us.
Raymond: thank you Hamza and thank you everyone. It was a really interesting session and I hope for more AMA. Thank you everyone, bye!

End of AMA session, Thanks for going through the AMA questioners.

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