MetaForce AMA | 6th Sep 2022

🎤 GUEST: Vic Ofoji Mavor (Founder at MetaForce)

🎤 Host: David G (@gdrizzy13)

David G: Heya @Meta_Force_Brise_Dev nice of you to join us and welcome to your first AMA with BriseSage. We’re glad to have you here. I’m your host @gdrizzy13
MetaForce: Thanks mate!

David G: To kick off this AMA, Kindly introduce yourself to the community
MetaForce: I am Vic Ofoji Mavor , the founder of meta force.

David G: Briefly describe MetaForce while outlining the reason(s) behind the development?
MetaForce: First token with utilities in metaverse created by the community with 5% BRISE reward, Comprising NFT, marketplace, Defi academy, P2E, Swap.
Meta was born due to the desire to create something in the space while the community earns as they hold it.
The key reason why I created meta force as I want to build something that I will be the pride of in the space.
Secondly, I always wanted to build something that everyone who joined either in the first stage or in any stage can be proud of.

David G: Have you had any experience in project development/NFT minting before now? And is this your first owned project?
MetaForce: No, this is not my first project.
Yes, I have worked with a few projects in the space.
Yes I have some experience in project development and NFT

David G: The most asked questions 😅 There are quite a good number of blockchains out there. So why choose Bitgert and the metaverse?
MetaForce: Thanks mate, we all know that Brise is still young in the space, and building a project on Brise in this early stage will be of great advantage in the future.
I decided to pick Bitgert because I want to grow with the chain and community.
Imagine Bitgert in 5 years to come…
So building a project now is the best…and grow it together with the chain

David G: Can you give in details of the tokenomics and the team behind MetaForce?
MetaForce: Tokenomics

  • 5% was burn
  • 33% locked
  • 22% and 10% were allocated for presale and Liquidity
  • 28% was unlocked. Of which some allocation was sent to Doken for staking a pool and some will be used to reward NFT holders

Team, we are a team of 4, I m the Dev, With 3 others

David G: Since presale and launch, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced since project development? And how’re you scaling through them?
MetaForce: One of the key challenges is funds and secondly growing the community and ensuring that we keep the project going.
Regarding funds, we are still working on it, because what we have in mind to build required good funds. Presently I am in discussion with some friends to partner with us so that we can easily build some of the products we have in mind.
In community growth, our team and community have been really helpful in creating awareness.

David G: What are the roles of the NFT and why should I pick MetaForce over others on the Bitgert chain?
MetaForce: Presently we have two NFT
Meta NFT
Meta battle NFT
Meta NFT is community and project NFT, holders can stake or trade it, airdrop for holders
Meta battle NFT will be used in our upcoming game. Holders can trade or stake it before our game.
Holders are entitled to rewards from Meta Lottery

David G: You’ve launched the Meta lottery game. What’s the selling factor of this game? Should we be expecting more games in the future and would we be seeing one with NFT like the Meta battle NFTs as a reward?
MetaForce: Selling factors!
We are the first project on Brise chain to launch a lottery or flip game. With meta lottery or flip game. You have the opportunity to double your play amount.
For example, when a player flips with 5M Brise he or she can turn it to 10M Brise if he wins or loses the 5m Brise to the contract if he loses, and the 5m will be available to be used as a reward for another player who played it.
Sure, more games will be launched which will require meta NFT as tickets.
We have it in mind to build a fighting game in which battle NFT will be the requirement. For all fees generated from the game, 40% fee will be used to reward NFT holders 10% for community and 50% for project development.

David G: You had a staking plan on Miidas. Why did it fall through? Also, when will the NFT marketplace be made available?
MetaForce: We wanted to open a staking pool on Miidas, but after discussing with Miidas Dev, he made me understand that I need to re-mint all the NFT we minted from YoungParrot on Miidas to create a staking pool.
Which is not fair to me. Reminting same NFT in two different marketing..
After discussing with YoungParrot Dev he made me understand that their staking pool will be live soon.
So that was why we decide to go with manual staking until YoungParrot staking pool is live.
Our NFT marketplace will be made available soon in a few months from now.

David G: You’ve partnered with Miidas, YoungParrot, and 3DC. How’s this beneficial to MetaForce and are there any exciting offers and more partnerships we should look forward to?
MetaForce: Yes, 3D will help to build meta HQ, while Miidas and Youngparrot partnership is for community growth. Of course, more partnerships will follow.
Now talking about benefits, meta HQ meta holders will have access to it.
Miidas said YoungParrot has been supporting meta from the beginning.

David G: I am particularly interested in the $Meta Bitgert academy and the casino game. How soon can this launch?
MetaForce: Hopefully our casino should be live before December and the academy may happen same time. Or before then.

David G: Finally, which of the listed plans on the roadmap would you love to launch now if possible?
MetaForce: Our flighting Game and casino.

End of AMA session, Thanks for going through the AMA questioners.

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