Bitgert AMA | 2nd OCT 2022

Gert: AMA STARTED – You can ask your questions now!

Question: Hello Gert, will all the BRC Start-ups projects be part of Bitgert Exchange?
Answer: Yes, For the first 2 months we will have the Top 10 cryptocurrencies trading on our exchange.

Question: What happened with the car?
Answer: Company establishment is under process and we’re forming a team atm.

Question: Thank you for working so hard. Are you planning to give Brise coins when people sign up for Bitgert exchange to bring more people to exchange as a marketing strategy?
Answer: No, there won’t be an airdrop.

Question: Hi Gert sir, u did a tremendous job, my q? In Bitgert project every sub-projects are free of cost, Blockchain, exchange trading, so how u manage ur developer cost, and another u r not highlighting ur audit service project why???
Answer: We do not earn profits from the products in the early stage, because we are in the process of users acquisition, the audit platform is being re-designed as told by me in the previous AMA

Question: Will this October Brise be listed on CEX again?
Answer: We’re in negotiation with multiple TIER-1 exchanges, as we promised about Huobi, we’ve delivered.

Question: About PayBrise? do we have a deal with some e-commerce Sir?
Answer: Paybrise is under development process, once we have the final version released, we will work on the user acquisition, and then the adoption strategy campaign starts.

Question: Hi Sir, hope you are doing great. Having seen Bitgert prosperous progress with the involvement in several industries, what are the other potential industries we are planning to be involved with? 😍
Answer: We’d like to keep the future plans confidential like we got many Bitgert wannabes trying to copy what we’ve done so far.

Question: When launching on the play store app version. The web version is not suitable for everyone?
Answer: Once we have the web version live and working fine, we will launch the android version within a month.

Question: Sir about the front CEO are we going to meet him?
Answer: We’re forming the team for the exchange, and will be announced soon.

Question: Hi Gert, how are you doing? I have 3 questions

  1. How do you see the possibilities of adoption in a blockchain like ours which is PoA, a not decentralized chain, which is not the trend in the crypto world (or maybe it is in the future for companies)?
  2. How the Zero Fee Exchange will work? For example, when people send tokens to our exchange, ALL will have to bridge their tokens and become a Wrapped Token Exchange. WLTC, WETH, WBTC? I’m asking for my ignorance in that. Or… they can choose whatever network they want to send their assets and inside the Exchange all moves are in Brise Chain, if that is the case, they are not wrappeds at end?
  3. Is the Exchange fully operational this time? For the whole world to use it or probably can have bugs
    1) POA isn’t a centralized blockchain, the source code is publicly accessible and anyone can connect with our blockchain nodes
    2) It’s a zero trading fee exchange, our exchange works on all the networks, no need to bridge the assets to the Bitgert chain
    3) Yes it’s fully operational and we’ve completed our testing, if you find any bugs after the launch you can report us.

Question: My ques is regarding Fiat Integration in our upcoming BitGert Exchange – will our CEX have INR deposits/withdrawals?
Answer: We do not have fiat deposits/withdrawals

Question: Are you planning to provide the feature of launchpad and launch the next coming startup provide via launchpad?
Answer: Yes, we have a launchpad coming to our CEX

Question: Will our own CEX increase staking aps?
Answer: Yes in the future.

Question: @gertsenam hi CENX would be using with new Bitgert central exchange
Answer: Yes, CENX will be listed on Bitgert exchange

Question: When are we onboarding new projects on the start studio? And I believe Icecreamswap can onboard newly approved projects.
Answer: I’ve already answered this in a previous AMA, Onboarding projects in this market condition will do bad for us and the community.

Question: Hey @gertsanem will Bitgert exchange will have other chains too? Or is it only Brc
Answer: CEX is designed to have muti-chains

Question: @gertsanem what is the reason behind no KYC? KYC is almost mandatory for every government don’t you think it will harm the exchange in the future?
Answer: KYC is mandatory only when the CEX deal in Fiat, Bitgert doesn’t have FIAT deposit/withdrawals

Question: Will there be more dapps incoming to Brise chain or just projects via startup studio?
Answer: Bitgert never stopped working on the adoption, we have meetings every day with many projects, so of course, there will be more and more projects/dapps on Bitgert chain.

Question: If there is no KYC government will ban the exchange in future
Answer: So you meant to say they’ve banned all the DEX available in the market?

Question: @gertsanem will there be available on our exchange the provision for the purchase of tokens using most or all world fiat currencies?
Answer: No and never, FIAT is a scam IMO, Crypto is the future.

Question: About the Trustwallet integration what is the date for our six-month application? Hope Trustwallet integrates our chain
Answer: Trustwallet integration needs more time as they’re requesting us for a huge amount of fee in TWT token, we’ve got much better wallets integrated in our chain, you can use Bitkeep, Coinhub, Brise wallet.

Question: @gertsanem how our CEX will be profitable if we don’t have tax
Answer: There are multiple ways for us to generate income through our exchange, for example, listing fees, collaborations, etc.

Question: Can it be bridged directly through the Brise wallet? because for beginners, a bridge from the website or Metamask is a bit complicated
Answer: You don’t need to bridge your BRISE unless you’re looking to invest in projects launched on Bitgert Chain.

Question: We beginners in crypto can hunt for brc20 tokens & enter the Brise ecosystem it would be nice if it could be for us beginners the Brise wallet can be bridged directly without going through Metamask or the web and the brise wallet can be directly connected to sphnyx via dapss because for us beginners in crypto outside it is still a bit complicated 🙏
Answer: You can purchase $BRISE on, Huobi and withdraw them to your Metamask and use them to invest in Bitgert ecosystem

Question: @gertsanem Will the CEX have a private investment like all the CEX? If so, what is the expected market capitalization estimate for $brise after CEX is launched?
Answer: No, we do not need private investments for the next 5 years at least.

Question: After you launch Bitgert exchange, what project will you launch next? And what surprises do you have in store for us?
Answer: Please read the roadmap, that’s what we follow.

Question: Ohh sir @gertsanem After launching the android version of CEX, will the team do a big promotion in introducing the exchange like other exchanges, for example giving USDT/BRISE airdrops and so on to all users?
Answer: There won’t be a giveaway at launch

Question: Will all the holders of BRISE can purchase future BRISE products like Electric Car by paying as BRISE Token like Payment ???
Answer: Yes

Question: Does Brise have any Security Firm for your Website and Web Apps
Answer: We do not need a 3rd party security firm, we already have the team who does the vulnerability assessments.

Question: @gertsanem, why didn’t you announce the listing of $BRISE on SuperEx?
Answer: We aren’t aware of that exchange, there are many small exchanges that list BRISE for free and we don’t know how many have done so far.

Question: So CEX Bitgert will stand alone through the Brise holder/community? I think giving usdt airdrop for all users using CEX Bitgert and then KYC is more effective and there will be many users
Answer: We need actual traders/users on our exchange, we do not want to flood our exchange database with giveaway participants.

Question: @gertsanem when do you expect BriseSign to be launched
Answer: That’s already being taken care of by the Centcex team.

Question: Are you going to introduce yourself at some point, and how is that moment for you?
Answer: I didn’t do that when the mcap of BRISE was $100k , why do you think that I will do that now when BRISE is at $240m mcap.

Question: Gert Your assessment of the Crypto Market 5 years from now
Answer: simple example: Any amount of money you invest now in crypto will make you 5x of your lifetime income in 5 years.

Question: @gertsanem, Is there a plan to list on the Indonesian Stock Exchange such as Indodax or Pintu?
Answer: Indodax negotiations underway

Question: hi boss, how about CEX’s security level?
Answer: SAFU = all our assets are stored in cold wallets

Question: Hi @gertsanaem, With the current market conditions, do you believe that Brise’s market cap can reach multi-billion by the end of this year?
Answer: Not immediately, but definitely.

AMA Session End!

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