Lantan AMA | 3rd Oct 2022

🎤 GUEST: PIRO (CEO of Lantan)

🎤 Host: David G (@gdrizzy13)

— Segment 1: Host Questions
— Segment 2: Community Questions

David G: Kindly introduce yourself to the community
Piro: My name is Piro and I am the CEO of LANTAN! I am from Germany and I am 28 years old

David G: With a brief description, can we know what LANTAN entails and the reason(s) behind the development?
Piro: The first question I asked myself when brainstorming this project was can gaming be more of a tournament? Just like football premier league or the Olympics.
Can people and teams gather together and battle to win and be the last man Standing?
When you look at game tournaments like Forthnites tournaments there are only a few people playing these games but what if several thousands of people could compete together to win the 🏆
This is what LANTAN game is all about.
The games are built as tournaments every season the portal is open and people and teams register and begin to battle to be the last man standing.
The Last Man or team standing takes home the Prize.
It’s a battle for gamers globally. The game doesn’t have to be like Grand theft to be awesome all you need to do is create a game that people can compete to win

David G: So what are the experience(s) you have in project development and is this your first owned project or a completely new chapter for you?
Piro: Well, I have been in the space for a long time. I am a Futures trader and I have worked on a number of the project as a business developer.
Personally, I am a trained business developer. Bringing that knowledge of business into the crypto space in addition to my knowledge of the blockchain space.
I am qualified, No man is an island my duty is to hire the best people I can find to join me in this project from developers to designers, etc. We will do this together.

David G: Speaking of hiring, are there still open positions?
Piro: Well, we already have some of the Developers we stopped working with a certain Designer because we weren’t getting what we desired.
So we have up to 70% of the Developers we need and some Designers.
However, if there is anyone creative enough to be on this team you can send me a DM.
For now, I have taken it upon myself to handle the community so I can better connect with the people (investors) before getting a Community Manager.

David G: Well this question is probably getting old already 😅 but yeah have got to ask 😏 what was the reason behind choosing Bitgert as the blockchain for launch, despite the litany of blockchains out there?
Piro: Well, you want to join the next big thing right? Everyone who has a brain knows Bitgert is the next big thing. But personally, I have a close connection with the people surrounding the Brise community.

David G: Give details on the team behind LANTAN while outlining some of the challenges you’ve faced as well as the tokenomics?
Piro: We have the best team of developers working behind the scene. Most of them are the contractual staff which means we pay them by the hour of the work.
I want to state also that as a company we have already started our development without any money but this is to show that we are not focused on using the presale funds for development we are already making huge progress. On our own.
Our token Name is $TAN.
We have a forever total supply of 1,000,000 (one million TAN tokens).

David G: Can you talk about Dapp and its features?
Piro: Remember our project is a Tournament-Focused Play to Earn Game.
For this purpose, we need a DAPP.
You see the DAPP is our central platform for both gamers and fans.
The features of this DAPP include

  • LIVE-STREAMING: Since the game is more of a tournament like a premier league in football. People can be able to watch all the actions going on in the game. There is also an extension of this live streaming to Twitch, Rumble, and YouTube.
  • LIVE BETTING: Since several teams are at war there is more opportunity for fans to connect by placing bets on teams. With the odds going back and forth those who predicted the right win.
  • MARKET PLACE: The marketplace will feature an NFT market, buying and selling weapons and kits for the game
    $TAN token will be the only means of Exchange on this DAPP.
    NO USDT OR BTC just $TAN token
    This means for one million total supply there will be a very high demand for the token causing it to grow exponentially

David G: What are the utilities of Lantan NFTs and how beneficial would they be to holders? I did read on the website that a % profit is rewarded to buyers.
Piro: Once we launch our presale we will Register LANTAN GAMING COMPANY Which is the Centralized arm of the Company.
The utilities of the NFTs are that the NFT will serve as shares so those who buy the NFT and stake it for a said time. Will become a shareholder in LANTAN. This means every profit we make from LANTAN will be shared with the Shareholders

David G: Speaking of the presale, Have you got a fixed date, and will it be vested?
Piro: We plan to hold it this month. No date yet but it will be at the end of the Month. For Vesting, we are still in talks with our Advisors

David G: Speaking of the presale, Have you got a fixed date, and will it be vested?
Piro: We plan to hold it this month. No date yet but it will be at the end of the Month. For Vesting, we are still in talks with our Advisors.

David G: Why should I invest in this game when there are quite a few already on the Bitgert Chain?
Piro: None of them is a world Tournament Game. None of them is Tournament Focused. We have a niche and we are sticking to that niche.

David G: Lastly, what are your marketing strategies especially to attract non-gamers and those not invested in the Bitgert Chain, and have you got any partnerships in the work?
Piro: Yea we are already working with Rice Protocol. Rice Protocol is a very relevant Organization to us.
Our marketing strategy is through SHILLING, CONTEST, and Brand Partnership
We are also focused on Entering the Gaming community by partnering with celebrities.

End of AMA session, Thanks for going through the AMA questioners.

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