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Top Bitgert Projects

NameLogoPowered byMarket Cap% Mc Wk ChgLiquidityTotal SupplyWeb | TGBuy | Chart
Whale MakerSphynx Labs5.6 M-8%$254 K500 MWeb | TGBuy Now
LunaGens*Self1.7 M-6%$138 K1 BWeb | TGBuy Now
Sphynx LabsSelf698 K-13%$43 K1 BWeb | TGBuy Now
TokyoStartup Studio636 K-5%$102 K100 MWeb | TGBuy Now
ICECREAMSWAP**Self630 k3%$516 K10 MWeb | TGBuy Now
4D MapsStartup Studio612 K -3%$127 K 5.1 TWeb | TGBuy Now
Brise ParadiseStartup Studio584 K-11%$173 K1 BWeb | TGBuy Now
3D City MetaverseStartup Studio516 K-19%$52 K30 MWeb | TGBuy Now
Young ParrotStartup Studio404 K-11%$81 K 10 TWeb | TGBuy Now
PupazziPunkBriseOfSunStartup Studio318 K-20%$10 K1 QWeb | TGBuy Now
AibraStartup Studio311 K-12%$35 K1 BWeb | TGBuy Now
DarrivalStartup Studio200 K-11%$66 K 1 BWeb | TGBuy Now
MiidasStartup Studio140 K-11%$39 K1 BWeb | TGBuy Now
Note: MC is recorded as on 15-10-22 around 04:30 am UTC.
Source of Info: Sphynx Swap
*Data is taken from Icecreamswap, **MC is calculated based on supply available in circulation

Top 5 Liquidity Projects at Bitgert Chain

LogoNamePowered byLiquidity at BitgertWeb | TGBuy | Chart
Whale MakerSphynx Labs$254 KWeb | TGBuy Now
Brise ParadiseStartup Studio$222KWeb | TGBuy Now
TokyoStartup Studio$148 KWeb | TGBuy Now
Young ParrotStartup Studio$143K Web | TGBuy Now
Note: Liquidity is recorded as of 15-10-2022 at 4:45 am UTC
Source of Info: Sphynx Swap & Icecreamswap

Bitgert Project Presale & Recent Launch

LogoProject NameWeb | TG Date | Time (UTC)StatusPresale LinkTotal SupplyHC | SC ($Brise)MAX | MIN ($Brise)
Alpha TradesWeb | TG24-06-22 | 19:00Launched Sphynx Launchpad10M100B | 50B5B | 1M
AibraWeb | TG02-07-22 | 4:00LaunchedSphynx Launchpad1B150B | 75B5B | 1M
Vault CoinWeb | TG14-07-22 | 17:00Launched Sphynx Launchpad1B100B | 50B5B | 1M
3D CityWeb | TG19-07-22 | 16:00LaunchedSphynx Launchpad30M100B | 50B5B | 1M
Pupazzi Punk Web | TG24-07-22 | 16:00LaunchedSphynx Launchpad1 Q70B | 30B5B | 1M
Know the recent presale & launch information on Bitgert chain.

Project Listed With Bitgert Startup Studio


Numitor’s purpose is to bring value to DeFi through pairs and liquidity mining. Their unique NumiWallet will reward users for just connecting the wallet, transaction and holding $NUMI.

4d Twin Maps

4D Twin Maps aims to bring the real world to the blockchain using the latest topographic, surveying, and scanning technology. With this, one can have full control of their properties in the form of NFTs.

Evo Finance

Evo Finance is a community-driven platform that promotes financial well-being to people of all ages and cultures. Also, it helps people to be in control of their money and to create wealth opportunities.


Brisepad is designed to help fuel the future of mass-market blockchain applications building on the Bitgert chain. It aims to be the largest decentralized launchpad on Bitgert Chain, attracting solid projects and helping them raise enough liquidity for their project development.

Brise Paradise

To create a space for the worldwide crypto community in the Maldives. Spend your holiday relaxing in paradise, working on collaborations, launching your products, or celebrating your victories with your team.

Vefi Networks

VeFi is an ecosystem of blockchain-intrinsic products and services with the sole aim of permeating all areas of the globe with its influence in the blockchain ecosystem with its strong products Vefi cross-chain NFT marketplace.

Tokyo Coin

Tokyo Coin unleashes the power of Metaverse Japan. In an advanced Metasociety, individuals and communities can play an active role within Metaverse City Tokyo: from Retail, Business Services, E-sports, Virtual Real Estates, Anime Game and Movie Studio and more.

Young Parrot

YoungParrot is an NFT marketplace that allows users to create an account, create collections, start uploading NFTs and sell/buy NFTs. The users can add NFTs to the watchlist, share any NFTs to the social network, filter NFTs based on price and other attributes and so on.


Darrival is a ride-hailing platform built on blockchain technology that seeks to empower the people who create and extract value within its ecosystem – drivers and riders.


AIBRA decentralizes the typical recruitment paradigm creating an ecosystem where recruiters, job seekers and recruitment agencies are united thereby providing more value for the future of recruitment.

3D City Metaverse

3D City is an open-world P2E Unreal Engine/ Unity realistic graphics RPG that fully integrates NFTs, allowing players to create real value in a virtual world.


The world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, launchpad & staking pool for both digital and physical assets. NFT Launchpad is LIVE! Get early access to the unreleased NFTs before they list on marketplace.

Pupazzi Punk Brise Of Sun

Pupazzi Punk Brise of Sun is P2E Zombie Survival BRC20 Bitgert Startup Studio Project.

Other independent projects launched on Bitgert Chain

Sphynx Labs

Sphynx is an all-in-one solution for trading, farming, staking, holding, and so much more. This includes a single platform with a consolidated wallet that’ll always have a bird’s eye view of your assets, dynamic charts, farms, and staking portals, meaning you’d never have to leave Sphynx.

Whale Maker Fund

Whale Maker is powered by more than a decade of experience in fund management and investment strategies for crypto and fiat currencies. Their features such as Portfolio Management, Investment & Capital Stocks, and Rewards mechanisms benefit the projects and investors.


IcecreamSwap helps you swap your tokens on Bitgert just like from Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Use your tokens to provide liquidity and earn yields. The Swap is decentralized, trustless and uses the Uniswap V2 Smart Contracts, which are battle-tested to provide you max security.